2 May 2012

Last summer in Edinburgh

Writers Museum

Probably my favourite view of the New Town. From Calton Hill

Gramophone Emporium in Stockbridge

I used to work here. I miss it. A lot.

27 Apr 2012


I think I am suffering from what I can only define as Post-London Depression Syndrome. My self-diagnosed symptoms are: finding my city small and ugly, a general state of melancholia, and having obsessed all week with the idea of moving there. I know I am an outsider and as a lover of the city I am idealising it. Probably. I don't care. Love is blind!
Now, seriously. Each time I go to London I fall in love with the city a bit more. I was in London for only three days but that's enough to keep the spark going. The trip was fantastic, especially because I got to spend time with friends I hadn't seen in a long time and just hang out with them and wander around thet city. I guess that if I had to choose a few highlights of the trips, these would be:

The hostel: Monkeys in the Trees in Shepherd's Bush.  It was a quiet place, it was cheap, the staff was brilliant, it was easy to get there (even with the night bus!) and it had an amazing downstairs area and garden. My only complaint is about the bed matress but you can't have it all!


HDIF (How does it feel to be loved). If you are in London, you like indie and soul music and this party is on, you must go. It is very difficult to find a place that plays Belle & Sebastian, Allo Darling, The Smiths, Saturday Looks Good to Me, The Wave Pictures and soul in my hometown so HDIF was just like heaven. I had so much fun!

Me smiling and clapping!

Brick Lane Bookshop: my PhD is on postcolonialism so I was hoping to buy some interesting books here. And I did. But not as many as I thought. Don't worry, I compensated it ordering books on abebooks later. Being a self-funded PhD student means I have to buy a lot of second-hand books, which I love anyway!

Taking pictures with my Diana Mini: